What should I look for in choosing a child care program?

The following is a checklist of things to look for in a quality child care program:


  • Is the staff consistent with little turnover?
  • Are the teachers certified in Early Childhood Education?
  • Are background checks ran on all staff?
  • Is the teacher/child ratio lower than what is required by the state?


  • Are the main entrances equipped with security cameras?
  • Does the school have a spacious, well-equipped, fenced outdoor playground?
  • Does the school provide age-appropriate furniture for the children?
  • Does the school have a separate PE room for indoor play?
  • Does the school have a separate room where meals are served?

Classroom Atmosphere

  • Does the school offer additional music and P.E. classes?
  • Do the teachers have lesson plans that cover Bible, language, art, math and science?
  • Is the school Christ-centered and lessons Biblically based?
  • Do the children have access to various activities throughout the day such as assorted blocks, props for pretend play, picture books, paints and other art materials and table toys like matching games, peg boards and puzzles?
  • Are the classroom/hallways decorated with the children's original artwork?
  • Do the children spend a lot of their time playing and working with materials or other children? They are not expected to sit quietly for long periods of time.
  • Do teachers work with individual children, small groups and whole groups at different times during the day? They do not spend all of their time with the whole group.
What does my child need to bring to JNA?

Each Participant needs:

  • two small blankets or linen items (Please do not bring large blankets)
  • a pillow (crib-sized)
  • a sleepy time friend (if desired)
  • a change of clothing including top, bottom, underwear, and socks
  • a toothbrush (replaced ever six months)
JNA Daily Schedule
7:00a   Center Opens
8:00a   Breakfast - Toddler Classes
8:30a   Devotion, Breakfast
9:00a   Outdoor Recess
10:00a   Centers, PE, Music
11:00a   Toddler Lunch
11:30a   3yr Old Lunch
12:00p   4yr Old Lunch
1:00p   All Classes Nap
3:30p   Snack / Free Play
5:45p   Children Gather in A13
6:00p   Center Closes



Our Goals

The goal of discipline is to help children learn self-control. Since discipline comes from the word disciple which means "to guide," we are interested in assisting parents in helping their children learn to make good decisions and choices that are pleasing to God and show respect for others.

We strive to: provide gentle guidance along with appropriate limits; be consistent; be a good role model; act with kindness, patience and respect as we talk to children about their feelings; explain expected behavior; follow a consistent daily schedule so that children know what to expect; give children choices whenever possible; and praise good behavior often. Our schedules and activities are planned in order to prevent discipline problems and to recognize the unique needs of the young children.

Our Methods

Discipline is primarily the responsibility of the classroom teacher with the support and counseling of the administration. "Time out" (removal of a child from an activity or the group) and removal of a privilege are considered to be appropriate disciplinary methods. We do not consider a child's being asked to sit in time-out occasionally a reason to notify parents; however, parents will be consulted if inappropriate behavior continues.

When discipline problems do occur, we will include parents in making decisions about effective ways to provide guidance for their children. Consistency between the home and school is most effective. If help is not received from parents or discipline problems cannot be resolved, we may require that a child be removed from the program.

Summer Program

Ages 16 months to 2nd grade


Activities include:

Lots of outdoor fun and water play

Thematic lesson plans which include Bible, art, language, math, science

Weekly field trips to such places as: Zoo, Exploration Place, Wichita Riding Academy, Picnic Theater, swimming at Genesis, Great Plains Nature Center

School Age children have extended afternoon activities which include: sports, cooking, art and weekly library visits

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